My Story Par t4

So now I am pregnant with twins.  The bull crap goes on and on.  We're together, we're not together.  He's constetanly accusing me of cheating.  If I didn't get to the phone fast enough. I was blamed for cheating or other sorts of crap.  I cried more than a human being should cry.
     I was 6 months pregant with the twins and I flipped.  I drove to his house in a mad craze, because he wasn't answering my calls and he was accusing me of things again.  We talked for awhile and then this hit the ceiling.  I was getting scared so I decided to hurry to my car.  I jumped in my car as he was comming after me and took off, I turned around and got out and throw all of the baby shoes his mom got me all over the street (I was one pissed off mama).  So I drove away and I was almost to the highway when he called and he told that we should talk again.  He gets in the car and tells me to drive.  Half way up the street, I was getting scared again.  The look in his eyes were death, rage and just an I don't care look.  I turned around and told him to forget it.  I told him more than once to get out of my car. He got so mad he kicked my radio on my dash and broke it.  I swear he was aiming for my stomach but he missed, THANK GOD!  He finally got out my car, he picked up my NEW, maybe one drink out of it and through it all over me.  I called the police, but I did not do anything about it.  The twins will be here soon enough for another story...




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