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My FIRST award!

I recently received the Best Blog Award from Anitra at The Mama Zone. Please go check her out. She is a wonderful and thoughtful person and not to mention a wonderful blogger!

The Best Blog Award rules are:
1.          To accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.
2.    Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you have recently discovered and think are great! Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Here are my 15 in no particular order:

Redefining Beautiful ~ Book Review

This book was so amazingly wonderful.  The book was written for ‘tweens’ and teenagers.  I think that even a woman my age or any woman or girl should read this book.  I was in shock when I realized that to make yourself a beautiful, confident woman is through God.  The book teaches you what life accessories are and breaks them down bit by bit.  Females that have a tough life would benefit from this book as well as girls who think things are going well.  Another thing I found interesting was that she added questions and answer lines to make the book your own.  By asking question the book seems to be written just for you.  I was able to finish the book within two days of receiving it, which should tell ya something about how good the book is.

The FluMist Expierence

I took my children to get their flu shot this week.  I was unexpectantly surprised how easy and painless this so called shot was.  I was told it was going to be the shot, but when I arrived in the room, the nurse brought in the FluMist shot.  I was so thrilled!  No tears or screaming!  It took only 2 minutes to do all 3 of my children.  All the nurse did was stick the vial up their noses and bam was over with!  I highly, highly recommend trying to substitute the painful flu shot with the FluMist, especially for the younger children.  The only downfall is that I have to wait until my 3 month old is 6 months to get it.

250 Business Card Giveaway!

I have the pleasure to anounce that is giving me the chance to post my very first giveaway.  What you are able to win are 250 Business cards directly from  You can customize the cards anyway you like!  You can use these cards anyway you like too!  Maybe to promote your blog or your charity, anything will do!

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Small print:  I am also receiving 250 business cards as well for posting this giveaway.

My Story Info

In my stories that I am writing I just want to make some things clear.  I own up to my faults and I have forgave myself for some stupid things I have done while with my soon to be ex husband.  It doesn't make it right for a man nor a woman to tell you that your crazy.  You get to a point to where you can't take it anymore and start fighting back!  Luckily, I finally got out of the relationship and I go to therapy to help me see these "red" flags, that women like my kind seem not to see.  I've been there, done that, and don't want it again!  These men or women that think they are your boss, tell them to shove it and walk away before it's too late!  In an abusive relationship women should start seeing signs with on the first month, but yes some don't see it until they are married or it's too late.  WOMEN KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!  Men who are abusers look for woman who are already down, make yourself pretty and show some confidence!  Don't hide any longer!  Any body who needs a friend I am here, female or

Be Blessed

My Story Par t4

So now I am pregnant with twins.  The bull crap goes on and on.  We're together, we're not together.  He's constetanly accusing me of cheating.  If I didn't get to the phone fast enough. I was blamed for cheating or other sorts of crap.  I cried more than a human being should cry.
     I was 6 months pregant with the twins and I flipped.  I drove to his house in a mad craze, because he wasn't answering my calls and he was accusing me of things again.  We talked for awhile and then this hit the ceiling.  I was getting scared so I decided to hurry to my car.  I jumped in my car as he was comming after me and took off, I turned around and got out and throw all of the baby shoes his mom got me all over the street (I was one pissed off mama).  So I drove away and I was almost to the highway when he called and he told that we should talk again.  He gets in the car and tells me to drive.  Half way up the street, I was getting scared again.  The look in his eyes were death, rage and just an I don't care look.  I turned around and told him to forget it.  I told him more than once to get out of my car. He got so mad he kicked my radio on my dash and broke it.  I swear he was aiming for my stomach but he missed, THANK GOD!  He finally got out my car, he picked up my NEW, maybe one drink out of it and through it all over me.  I called the police, but I did not do anything about it.  The twins will be here soon enough for another story...



My Story Part 3

So the months go on.  He breaks up with me, he takes me back.  He accuses me of cheating, I cry all night,  every night.  He calls me a liar, I cry all of the time.  The month of August I get pregnant.  I was 6 or 7 weeks along, I haven't gone to the doctor yet.  I knew something was wrong, because I wasn't very sick.  For 2-3 days he was really putting his crap on me, I was shaking like a leaf, couldn't eat and always crying.  I miscarried.  It was the saddest I have ever felt.  He took very good care of me while I was miscarrying.  He took care of the kids for me and made sure I had a heating pad and pain meds.  It didn't last long.  I got better.  I buried the embryo on the side of my house and I prayed.  I didn't tell him.  It broke my heart knowing I had lost a baby.  He found out, because I couldn't lie to him, he saw right through me and he always thought I was up to something.  Here we go again...he was calling me names, pissed off because I did it without him, calling me more bad names.  He told me to get out of his house.  All I did was sit there and take it, and cry.  He didn't care.  All he cared about was himself.  Then about 30 minutes later he apologized and I accepted it because I didn't want to loose him (yeah I know, what was I thinking?).  Days went on same old thing, fighting, arguing, him pulling me around by my shirt, name calling.  Sure there were good and wonderful days and that is why I stayed and kept going back, because of those days, even though the bad days outweighed the good ones.  In November I became pregnant again.  We had went our separate ways for a few days.  But I still wanted to be with him and marry him...